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Welcome to MissionLove

The name speaks for itself/says it all: Filled with love I will guide you into the most beautiful and intimate union that two humans can enter.

Together we will arrange your wedding according to your ideas and wishes. Your love is in the center, detached from spiritual or religious ideas. Up to date, gay marriage still isn't recognized in Switzerland (yet). Be that as it may, a registered partnership already is. Isn't this reason enough to complete this wonderful event with a fabulous party and an unforgettable wedding?


The open marriage ceremony is possible in the following languages (combinable):

Swiss German









Free ceremony

Your ceremony, according to your wishes, in your language!


The most beautiful (love) stories shape our lives!

The world has become a village. Over the last decades people, religions, cultures and languages have mixed. Most of us can spontaneously name friends from at least 15 nations. Love also often strikes between two people who have their roots somewhere else in the world. I was able to experience free weddings that united cultures, continents and languages in a miraculous way.

In many relationships there is a desire to give a promise to one another, to stand together, or to say YES to each other in front of your family and friends. If this desire becomes more concrete, the questions of how and where often arise.

Do we simply want to register our partnership or do we want a real wedding party? Is there a form of ceremony for us, which appeals equally to both of us? Which regards our history, individuality and languages to the same extent?

A free wedding ceremony could be the perfect solution for you. It is designed according to your wishes, needs and linguistic backgrounds - unique, only for and with you. And the best thing about it is: You can say yes wherever you want! Be it on a mountain peak, at the lakeside or in your home garden. Everything is optional - nothing is a must!

I am looking forward to being in contact with you and to getting to know you and your history.


YES, I do! Abroad!


You want to say YES I do - not somewhere, but in a very special place abroad?

I'm in!

I have a great willingness to travel and am pleased to make you an individual offer.

About MissionLove

On behalf of love!

My name is Manuela. I live in the canton of Aargau and am 33 years old. Thanks to many years of experience as an event manager and coordinator, I know exactly what the dangers are and what is easily forgotten.

In love all the contradictions of existence merge themselves and are lost. Only in love are unity and duality not in conflict. (Rabindranath Tagore)

I was able to experience some free weddings - as well as some traditional ones.  Nowadays many questions arise after getting engaged. Which setting is the right one for our relationship? How, where and in which language will we say the YES-word?

For my husband and I it was also the desire for absolute individuality that led us to a free marriage.

Taking into account that love knows no boundaries, languages, age, sex and religions, I founded the MissionLove label in 2015.

I look forward to your contact and a first, non-binding acquaintance.


Services and process

Since the marriage ceremony should be become the most emotional part on your wedding day and you will give me the confidence to elicit the YES-word, it is incredibly important that we can first get to know each other without any obligations.

If possible, the first conversation takes place in person and is free of charge. Here your wishes can be considered and I can give you a better insight into my kind of weddings. Wherever your wedding will take place (at a lake, on a mountain peak, somewhere abroad or in your own garden), I am absolutely flexible and look forward to extraordinary locations.

And as already mentioned, I am also very flexible considering the language.

My ceremonies usually take between 30 and 45 minutes and are written completely on you and your needs.

The time required for this work is between 20-25 hours. Since I know from my own experience, how grateful you are as couple for fix costs, I have a fixed fee in German-speaking Switzerland.
This is for ceremonies in Swissgerman or German at 1'990.- incl. all meetings, expenses and the ceremony itself.

For weddings in Ticino, western Switzerland or abroad, I charge the effective expenses.

For each foreign language an additional 300.- will be charged.


Photos of beautiful yes words from the last years

Quotes from past ceremonies

Manuela is a warm and very likeable person with a beautiful charisma, open and uncomplicated. She has made our day very special. Our ceremony was very emotional, personal and funny :). Everything we wanted.
We would be pleased to recommend you!
S&D 2017 

We can highly recommend Manuela. She knows how to create deeply emotional but also funny moments. We always felt in safe hands with her. Thank you for your wonderful work!
D&P 2017

Manuela made the ceremony and our story absolutely great!
Many of our guests have given us positive feedbacks in this.
We can highly recommend her!
S&Y 2017

The ceremony for our 10 year wedding anniversary was great. You felt our wishes and still remained authentic. Very sympathetic, open and cheerful person. We enjoyed it very much. Thank you!
S&P 2017

Just awesome what Manuela has made of our lovestory. Tears (of course tears of joy) and laughter included.
We thank you from the bottom of our heart for your great work, for your loving companionship and your wonderful nature.
Thank’s a lot
K&A 2017

Wonderful ceremony. Manuela is very cordial and even the little things like a Christmas present, thankyou-gift are very nice. We can only recommend Manuela.
Thank you for everything
F&P 2016

Dear Manuela

Thank you for the overwhelming wedding speech you gave us on the most beautiful day in our lives, our wedding.
The story that you wrote really beautifully reflected our "love story" one to one. You could not have done better!
We also received a lot of positive feedback from our guests. They thought the wedding was just fantastic.
We had a good feeling with you from the beginning - it was just great. We felt comfortable with you all around and like to think back to the great hours.

We wish you a lot of joy on further weddings and with other wedding couples.

Lovely wishes
Elisa & Steffen

@ to all other future bridal couples who are looking for a wedding speaker:
Manuela / Missionlove we can personally only really recommend.
She is a very pleasant person who completely adapts to the wishes and ideas of the bridal couple. Manuela also had great ideas and inputs for our wedding party. She always had time for us, whether we made an appointment or just wanted to talk over the phone. So the ultimate all-inclusive package.
Just great!
E&S 2016

Dear Manuela,
We thank you from the bottom of our heart for your great effort! Thanks to you we have had an unforgettable day. Your attention and the way you've told with our lovestory, we liked it a lot.
R&A 2016

Thank you for making our day so memorable! Even today we get a lot of positive feedback about your way of doing the ceremony.
N&P 2016

For us, the renewal of our vows after ten years was the most wonderful day in our lives. It was literally a dream wedding with so much love and warmth in the air and the hearts of all invited guests. The icing on the cake was the sensitive, very harmonious ceremony of Manuela. A big thank you!
S&D 2017 

We are so grateful for all you have done for us! Thank you again for a beautiful ceremony. What you did was exactly what we were looking for. You made it so special and personal!
K&M 2016

Thank you very much for the beautiful ceremony soo was tailor-made for us!
C&M 2016

Love knows no gender, skin color, religion or language. To explain: You have totally fascinated us with all the different languages in our ceremony. We had many cultures and you touched every one of them and made our day even more special. The process was great and we felt really comfortable. We recommend you everywhere!
D&S 2017


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